A New School Year Means Turning Over a New Leaf

With the advent of a new school year, I am working on turning over a new leaf for this blog.

My professional reading habits have changed since I last posted here.

Now, I find myself reading from my Kindle, reading more journal articles, reading tons of email, reading more web sites and wikis, fewer blogs, less microblogging, and many more student research papers. It is a pleasure to read the students’ work. They have wonderful ideas and are working towards their goals.

I rely on groups to help me locate the best of blogs, web sites, and wikis that I read. I have found some of the best groups for this are Diigo groups and professional listservs. Both of these have people who share interests and expertise in the areas of my concerns. They help to build and share information sources. I share these with my students by passing along the contributions.

I also generate web sites and wikis that contain information for my students. I wonder if this information would benefit anyone else. This would be a good analysis for me to do when I step back and look at the web sites and wikis. If I am able to adjust them to make them beneficial outside of my classroom and maintain the integrity we need for our work, then I could contribute to a larger community on the Internet. Must do.

A new school year sometimes offers new beginnings. Giving and sharing in the larger community sometimes offers new relationships. Wow! I would really like that. I am ready to get started!

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