Shift Happens…Again

Note to self: I have been waiting for this time to come along. It has been a dry dessert in which I have wandered as I waited about while I searched for the way that technology would finally set a clearer path ahead of me.

It was all good to learn new tools and promote them. It was all good to read research on populations and their use of technology. What has made the shift for me is understanding disruptive innovation theory. This understanding comes thanks to reading Disrupting Class.

The push-me, pull-you circus that has been orchestrated around integrating technology has not revolutionized education for PK-12 students, or even higher ed students for that matter, in many places around where I go. This does not mean that we are not doing great things! What I am talking about here is that the use of technology in schools has not been like the introduction of the iPod compared to the use of a Sony Walkman, or take it back even further, a transistor radio.

In schools we try to utilize technology, but boundaries are encountered. It is how we get around these boundaries that will revolutionize learning for our students. Innovation is key and most likely will not take place in the current educational design that we institute.

And the most interesting thing that I am discovering about this theory is that the costs will be less if we stop cramming the new into the old. Something to think about.

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