IMLS, WebWise 2011 & STEM

Last week, I attended WebWise 2011 in Baltimore. The theme was STEM. Although the conference did not focus solely on school libraries and PK-12 students, there were many opportunities to gain insight into advancing STEM in the school setting.

Thank you IMLS for hosting this event. Soon, IMLS will post the video from the conference on its site.

Collaborating: Museums & Libraries

Libraries and museums will prove to be valuable resources in the future as they continue to collaborate.

This week I am attending the WebWise 2010 conference where discussion takes place around projects that have been success (or not) with the IMLS grant monies.

The collaborations seem to be successful when the leading institution (library or museum) addresses problems or seeks new ways to deal with outmoded responses to problems. Bringing in stakeholders is a strong component when they support and contribute to the process. Collaborating with other institutions also requires support, both through temporary funding (such as grants) as well as continuous funding. Everyone must buy-in to the project in the beginning with a commitment for it to be successful in the end.

I am adding this content while the presentations begin…. 🙂

Using Diigo for Social Bookmarking

Diigo has been around for awhile. It is a useful social bookmarking tool that allows you to share websites with others who view your Diigo library. A simple toolbar that may be added to your browser allows you to bookmark any site that you are viewing. When adding bookmarks, you are able to designate tabs and select categories that you have created to which you want the website to belong. Also, at the time that you add the bookmark for the website, you are able to share the link and your tags with any group to which you are a member within the Diigo community.

Diigo community allows for groups to form for sharing bookmarks of a common interest. I belong to three different communities. Between the three communities, I receive on average about 2-3 websites per day. What others share through the communities helps educate me on the accessible websites that might help me with my teaching, student learning, professional development, collaboration, and more.

There is so much more to Diigo than what I have added here. Visit the site to learn about additional benefits to using this social bookmarking tool. Also, you may search my bookmarks for Diigo ( to locate supplemental information.